My Wife Uunknowingly Helped Me

By sunny

Note : This story is completely fictional!
I am a 35 years guy from Nepal. I live in a joint family with my father, mother and elder brother. My brother is married with two children. He is 12 years elder than me. My sister in law, Anjali, is 45 years old, just two years younger than my brother. They have a son of age 22 and daughter of age16. My brother married when I was 13.
Anjali is 5.3” fair looking lady. Even at the age of 45, she looks attractive and sexy. I always fantasize about having sex with Anjali. I have been masturbating innumerable times just imagining fucking with sister in law since I started masturbating at the age of 15. But I never showed my feelings in front of her. Fucking my sister in law was my greatest dream.
I married two years ago. I am sexually satisfied with my wife. She is superb in bed and wants to try each and everything in bed. She gives me real pleasure while giving oral sex. I also do the same to her and she is very happy with me. But still, I have fantasy of having sex with my sister in law
One day, my wife told me that my sister in law was telling her about their sex life. She told her that they are very happy in their sex life and my brother is very active in bed and satisfy her. My wife also informed me that they used to fuck three four times a day in the early years of their marriage. After having children, their sex drive was slowed down. But as their children are grown up now, their sexual life is back on track. They are again active and make love every day. After hearing this from my wife I was exited. She also informed me that my sister in law was also asking about our sex life. She was asking whether we perform oral sex or not? But my wife said me that she told my sister in law that although she is very happy with me, we don’t try oral sex. She told me that she lied with my sister in law, as she felt shy to tell her about oral sex. After knowing that my sister in law told her that we are missing wonderful thing. She told that my brother is really super in licking her pussy. So she suggested us to try oral sex. Then after one month my wife again told me that she was again asking her whether we tried oral sex? My wife again lied and told her that I refused to perform oral sex. Then my wife told me that after hearing that my sister in law did not say anything.
Once Anjali visited her parent’s home for a week. She left her children with their dad as they are grown up. Her parent’s home is nearby my office. The next day my brother told me that as Anjali forgot to take contact lenses with her and asked me to drop by her home after my office. I went to my sister in law to give her contact lenses after my office at around 6 o’ clock.

I did not have any bad feelings before going there. I rang doorbell and Anjali came to open the door. I told her that I just came to give your lenses as you forgot to bring with you. She thanked me and asked me to come inside and have dinner with her. I said okey. She called at my home and informed my wife that I will have dinner at her home. My sister in law told me that her parents were gone to attend wedding party and will be back only after 9.00 P.M. I was staying in the living room and she cam after 15 minutes with tea. She was asking about my day at office. Suddenly she told me that she knew from my wife we are not having oral sex. She asked it that true? I said yes to sister in law. She asked me why I don’t do oral sex with my wife. I also lied with my sister in law like my wife and said that I think it is not good thing to do so.
Then she said that it is not bad as I think and it is really a pleasurable thing. She said that we are missing a great thing. To my surprise, she said “if you want to learn I can help you”. I had already guessed her intention. But I said how as if I did not understand what did she mean. She asked me to come close with her. I obeyed her and went very close with her. She slowly whispered in my ear “ Although I am very sexually satisfied with your brother, I need change. I have been fucking with same guy for 23 years and wants to try for change and give you a lesson on licking pussy.” After hearing that from my sister in law I was really exited. I thanked god that I am gonna get what I have been fantasizing for long. Then she passionately kissed into my lips. Both of us were playing with our tongues and I was madly exited. She is really superb. Then I slowly started fondling her boobs. Then she said that don’t be hurry, you need to do lots of foreplay to satisfy your wife. After kissing for a while she slowly unzipped my pant and held out my dick.
She said that your cock is same size of your brother and started stroking my cock. Then she slowly started sucking my cock. I pretended that it was my first time. I said “Oh Anjali it is superb, I am feeling heavenly pleasure. We were missing a great think like you said. Thank you very much.” But I knew it is not a new thing for me as my wife also does the same thing. She sucked my dick with the same rhythm for a while and started liking my balls. After that she told me to do it to her. Then we both undressed to each other. I again pretended and slowly went down into her pussy. She was lying on the floor. I slowly started licking her pussy. Juice was flowing from her pussy. The taste was so good. She was slowly playing with my hair.
I knew the skill for licking pussy and give her pleasure. Initially I inserted my tongue into her pussy. The salty tangy taste filled my mouth. I forced my tongue to open her clit and thrust in deeper. She was moaning “Oh eat me.” Then I started licking her clit. She started moving her hips. She said “ Sunny you are superb, you are doing as if you were doing this for a long. You are even better than your brother.” I was so very happy when I heard that from her. I obliged her by increasing the tempo of my sucking. After 5 minutes she said “ Oh I can’t hold any longer. Now its time to insert you dick, otherwise I will come into your mouth. I don’t want to come so early.” Then she kissed me and said she preferred doggy style as that position allows my dick to go deep inside her pussy. I positioned myself behind her, guiding my swollen cock until its engorged head was muzzling at her hairy pussy. I then slowly started pumping her by holding her boobs in doggy style. She was screaming with pleasure “Now fuck me like your bro”
I continued pumping her, my rampant cock ruthlessly pounding her delicate pussy repeatedly. I could feel the quivering of her cunt muscles around my cock. I knew I would cum any second, so I increase my tempo, pumping her harder. I said “ I am cumming! I am cumming!
“I want to taste your cum.” She said. Then she suddenly kept my dick into her mouth. I started exploding into her mouth with heavenly pleasure. She then smiled and said, “This is the final lesson. Can you do it to Sunita (my wife)?”
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